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Showing complacency after water damage is likely to give rise to another major problem – mold growth. Mold is a fungal growth that occurs on damp or wet walls/ceilings and can grow rapidly to affect other parts of your property. It is a deadly contaminant which proliferates when water leaks are left unchecked over a period of time. Apart from the bad look it gives to the house, mold poses serious health risks especially to people who are allergic, emit a foul odor, and pollute the air quality. 

Mold starts growing inconspicuously at a hidden corner of your house like the attic or the air unit but gradually contaminates other parts of your premises. For this reason, it is critical to kill the problem in its crib by calling mold remediation experts like Hallandale Beach Emergency Restoration on time. Just dial 954-399-6342 and our specialists will detect, resolve, and restore your house back to normalcy.

Mold: The silent yet deadly contaminant

Hallandale Beach Emergency Restoration Hallandale Beach, FL 954-399-6342All of us must have seen mold growth on damp or wet walls, but that is not the only place where it forms. While mold causing dark spots on the wall or ceiling is a very visible warning, it may also proliferate in places that are out of sight. During such cases, a strong mildew odor or musty smell may help you ascertain whether there is mold growth in wall cavities or ceiling plenums. In houses, mold thrives on wood, cardboard, paper on drywall and other organic matter. It would gradually spread from corner to corner, polluting the air quality and causing serious health issues like nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, eye or skin irritation, etc.

If you suspect your house is contaminated with this deadly fungus, immediately call our mold remediation experts. We will stop the growth from spreading to other areas of the house and then cut off moisture supply to prevent further deterioration.

Mold removal Vs. Mold remediation: What you don’t know

Mold spores are microscopic and ubiquitous. They exist everywhere, from the outer walls of your house to the bedroom ceiling. Many businesses out there misinform customers when they use terms like ‘mold removal’ to sell their services. Our specialists know the reasons behind mold growth and the circumstances that might cause it. Our extensive training and state-of-the-art tools help us identify and eliminate the source of its growth and carry out remedial steps to prevent further damage.

How we work?

The extent and type of mold damage depend entirely on the conditions prevalent at the site of growth. Therefore, the restorative action must be different for every scenario. Armed with cutting-edge equipment and expertise, our specialists can handle even the most challenging mold damage situations with ease.

What we do?

Detection: Hallandale Beach Emergency Restoration uses the latest infrared technology to detect mold hidden in the remotest areas of your house.

Remediation: Our mold remediation experts use advanced equipment to detect the source of water feeding the mold, apply special chemical agents to eliminate it and finally isolate and sanitize the affected area.

Odor removal: Mold often leaves an unpleasant odor that permeates the entire property. We use advanced techniques to eliminate the odor and restore the freshness in the air.

Prevention: Stemming mold growth is not always enough as the right conditions could allow mold spores to proliferate again. Our experts identify sources of water or moisture and take preventive steps to eliminate future mold formation.

Is mold eating into your property? Act now by calling Hallandale Beach, FL’s best mold remediation experts and get rid of the unpleasant growth that is taking the sheen off your premises. Call us now on 954-399-6342