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Water scarcity is a big problem around the world and is leading to steeper bills every year. For property owners, elusive water leaks are a double whammy as they not only result in expensive water bills but also cause property damage. And while it is quite easy to identify and resolve large-scale plumbing mishaps, water leaks are not as easy to detect. But when you rely on a time-tested specialist like Hallandale Beach Emergency Restoration with over two decades of experience in water mitigation services, no water leak can throw your life out of gear. Our specialists can detect water leaks in the flash of an eye and deliver affordable solutions. In no time Call us now on 954-399-6342 and get assured results anywhere in Hallandale Beach, FL area.

Why water leak detection?

Water leak is a silent killer and causes gradual depreciation of valuable assets. Left unchecked for long, it may even lead to mold formation, damage the walls of your house, and leave a permanent odor that is hard to get rid of. It is highly unwise to carry out expensive structural repairs just because you ignored a ‘minor’ threat like burst pipes and leaky roofs.

Brushing off a water leak as minor inconvenience now is never a good decision as it could lead to costly repairs in the future. Consider this; there is a leak on the roof of your house which you choose to ignore. Gradually, the situation gets worse and by the time you take it seriously, it has already caused mold formation. Now, you will have to carry out extensive repair work and shell out your hard-earned money on mold removal.  So, why not nip it in the bud and save money with on-time detection?

Our specialists can help you deal with water leaks by identifying the source of the problem and taking remediation measures to mitigate it. Plus, unlike local technicians in Hallandale Beach, FL area, we don’t make you wait for weeks only to turn a minor water leak into a bigger problem. We assure fast action and help you save not just time, but money as well!

Tell-tale signs of water leakage:Hallandale Beach Emergency Restoration Hallandale Beach, FL 954-399-6342

  • Unexplainable spike in water bills
  • Apparent discoloration of walls and ceiling
  • Peeling or damaged wallpaper
  • Inexplicable odor engulfing your property
  • The flow indicator showing unusually high usage
  • Rusty metallic parts
  • Sounds of water running or leaking even without any faucet on
  • Damp walls, carpets or floor

Detection the right way: Non-invasive methods

A local plumber or technician would mindlessly look for the obvious places and drill through your floor to examine the internal piping. They might even urge you to undertake unnecessary expenses like re-piping the entire property if the water leak remains elusive. But not the experts at Hallandale Beach Emergency Restoration! With years of training and specialized tools, water detection is never an elusive task for us. Rather than digging clumsily around the house or drilling unnecessarily through your walls, we look for feasible and smart ways to detect the problem and provide veritable solutions.

We are equipped with world-class equipment to detect issues like water leaks in no time. Our specialists carry with them night-vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras, snake cameras, moisture detection equipment, and acoustic sensors and can accurately zero in on the right area instead of tearing your house down.

Think there is a water leak in your house but not sure enough? Call our water leak detection experts and we will find out for you! Reach out to us at 954-399-6342!